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  • Production process of gift boxes

            The most exquisite small hard case boxes are usually called boutique boxes. This product has strong hardness, fashionable appearance and various styles, and is widely used in gift packaging, such as high-grade tobacco and wine, mobile phones, MP3, etc. The production process and equipment are relatively simple. Its production equipment is very simple, mainly: semi-automatic glue machine, angle sticker, flat press and plastic scraper, brush, plastic bottles, guns, dielectric knife, flat clamp and so on. The materials used are gray board, fabric (colored paper / special paper), magnet, silk cloth (tape) glue, alcohol, white oil, rags, adhesive paper, etc. Its technological process is:


    1. pre preparation

    Prepare and check required materials and sample boxes according to customer production requirements.


    2. tearing edge

    First of all, the one-sided coated white cardboard, surface paper beer semi-finished products around the scrap to tear off, classified and placed signs to be used, tear the beer products should be checked whether it has been damaged.


    3. billet forming

    According to the material and technological requirements of the product, angle-fixing machine or high-viscosity transparent tape is used for angle-fixing forming (viscose spliced box blank should be carried out after the glue is dried to prevent the frame from deforming). In the homework, we should pay attention to Qi Ping, firmly, without loosening or overflowing. For the box that needs to be magnets and ribbons, the holes should be picked up in advance for backup.


    4. lay the tissue, wrap and wipe.

    Turn on the glue machine (if using hot melt glue machine should be set in advance 100 C preheating, start-up temperature is generally set: 75 ~ 80 C in summer, 90 ~ 95 C in winter. When the temperature is too low, the viscosity of the glue becomes worse, otherwise the drying time becomes faster and the production is not easy to operate. After gluing, the glued fabric is laid flat on the workbench, and the fabric is pasted on the gray board according to the beer line position (or drawing line position) and wiped with a scraper or dry cloth. The barge position of the box blank should be mounted inside during the operation, in accordance with the order from surface to edge, from table to inside, first the bottom of the box and then the box body. Attention should be paid to prevent the occurrence of unhealthy phenomena such as dew ash, over edge, skew, blister, wrinkle, scratch (mark) etc. Wipe the glue and viscose parts with clean cotton linen immediately after framed.


    5. homework attention

    Pay attention to the alignment when mounting the fabric with pattern and color position requirements as well as the backbone paper and the inner sticker; tear off the excess waste in time after mounting the leather case to prevent the line from being damaged; scraper should be used to scrape the box surface, corner position of the product, edge position and barge position separately (dumb adhesive fabric is forbidden), and then broken if necessary. The cloth is smoothed to prevent foaming. After mounting, it is required to be neat, neat and sharp.


    6. sets of finished products

    According to BOM box structure and related requirements, glue the parts to be assembled according to_shape with plastic bottles or brushes, and then glue the materials into a set. When sizing, the amount and position of sizing should be well controlled. The sizing position should be 2-3 mm away from the edge of the product, and then be combined when the glue is slightly dry. When the combination should be a little outside the pressure for a moment, so that it is completely bonded, if necessary, with a flat clamp to tighten, in order to prevent the occurrence of glue, peeling phenomenon. According to its needs, the swing plate can be pressed by iron blocks. Objects with package requirements (such as Neto) should be assembled according to the requirements of BOM. Complex box type should be carried out according to the relevant technological process.


    7. self checking in time

    In the production process, the operator should do a good job of self-inspection at any time, quality control (PQC) in conjunction with the itinerant sampling inspection, finished products must be cleaned before warehousing, after the confirmation of PQC can be warehoused, defective products should be clearly identified and placed separately.


    8. postpartum clearance

    Semi-finished products or finished products should be orderly placed on the stack board after completion, and timely product logo, while paying attention to the swing mode. The semi-finished products of panel, box cover and fender should be stacked in bottom-to-bottom manner; the finished products should be placed in front and side-to-side manner according to the specific box structure and size. Padding separators should be placed every 2-3 layers at a height of no more than 8 layers, so as to prevent indentation, deformation and poor adhesion caused by overloading. When the finished product is put into storage, it will wrap around the corner of the paper and wrap around the membrane, and the top is covered with cardboard to prevent dust. If a product needs to be packed (warehoused), it should be timely to do a good job of each package of product identification and inspection marks, in order to prevent mixing materials.

    Post time: Sep-04-2018