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  • Gucci Selling $870 Shoes That Are Already Dirty Is Peak Economic Privilege

    Gucci has just released a pair of “distressed” shoes that cost a whopping $870. This worn and weathered look comes in a variety of styles for both men and women. But the funniest part about it is that they come with care instructions. Gucci isn’t the only brand that has done this.

    Golden Goose was also selling a pair of duct-taped sneakers back in 2016 for hundreds of dollars. And Balenciaga also sold a blue bag that was strikingly similar to an Ikea tote. Real people have to choose between new clothes and necessities all the time. Poverty is not a costume you can pull on and off.

    Back in my day, selling shoes that were already dirty would put you out of business. But what do I know? Gucci is selling “distressed” shoes that are supposedly a throwback to the 1970s. And all they cost is a reasonable $870. Yes — you, too, can look like you’re too good to mess up your own shoes.

    Gucci decided that one pair of “distressed” sneakers isn’t enough. That pair of shoes is part of a collection of different kinds of “distressed” footwear. The shoes range in price from $870 to $1,590. You can get a pair of “dirty” high tops, and another pair is available with crystals.

    You can get plain “distressed” sneakers in women’s sizes and ones with crystal as well. But the women’s shoe can also be adorned with cherries. The removable cherries complete with crystals are meant to “push the notion of bringing contrasting elements together,” according to the production description. You can get these shoes for $1,250.

    I guess rich people pay good money for dirty shoes. Wait, distressed shoes.PS: The ‘shoe care’ section says to use only neutral or same colours to avoid ‘over staining’. Yeah, because that’s the real problem with this shoe.#Gucci#FashionContinuesToBaffleMe pic.twitter.com/pv4KbRgGdi

    Shoes usually come with care instructions, but these shoes have a set of their own that’s almost laughable. The instructions read:

    “Gucci products are manufactured by experienced Italian artisans with carefully selected materials of the highest quality. Please handle with care for a longer product life.

    Yes, I get that paying $800+ for shoes would make anyone cradle them like small children. But these are literally shoes that are supposed to look like you’ve had them for a few years. People are supposed to clean their “dirty” shoes to avoid “staining?” That makes sense.

    Golden Goose (Italian luxury brand) sells their Superstar Taped Sneaker for $530 as “Crumply, hold-it-all-together tape details a distressed leather sneaker in a retro low profile with a signature sidewall star & a grungy rubber cupsole.” #Brand #influencer #entrepreneur #luxury pic.twitter.com/6uV4q7cgOG

    Golden Goose has been known for its high-end, street-style sneakers. But last year it came out with its own kind of “distressed” shoes complete with faux tape. The shoes sold for $530 at Nordstrom, but the website now labels them as sold out. People called the brand out for it, but it never responded to the backlash.

    Cool or crazy? Shoe brand Golden Goose is selling these new, purposely roughed up sneakers with duct tape for $600 pic.twitter.com/z8Da4jigom

    Back in 2016, Golden Goose was called out for the same thing. It was selling a pair of pink sneakers, also complete with duct tape. According to AOL, those duct tape shoes and others released in that collection ranged in price from $250 to over $600.

    IKEA’s response to Balenciaga’s $2,145 rendition of their $0.90 Frakta bag???????? pic.twitter.com/RQyNAa9Piq

    In 2017, Balenciaga unveiled an oversize blue tote bag that cost $1,250. It had a really strong resemblance to the shopping totes that you can purchase from the furniture store Ikea for less than $1.50. When Ikea heard about Balenciaga’s newest product, it was quick to make the comparison.

    A post shared by ???????????????????????????????????? × ???????????????? (@sartorialphil) on Jan 21, 2018 at 9:21am PST

    Tiffany & Co. has an Everyday Objects collection that features expensive versions of things people can find in their homes or at an average drugstore. It includes a razor for $450, a ruler for $500, and a paper plate for $1,000.

    My personal favorite is the ball of yarn. The product description says the ball of yarn is a “tribute to the Tiffany legacy of designing fine silver goods.” It’s selling for $9,270. These items are made out of high-quality materials, and they at least look expensive. Although I don’t see much of a reason to buy them aside from the novelty of it all.

    You could say this is a result of the rich profiting off others’ misfortune, but you could say the same about distressed jeans.

    New denim IN STOCK!! Adding online today. ????????????. #distressedjeans #croppedjeans https://t.co/MCbO9GluNc pic.twitter.com/q0LQvTpz6Q

    Distressed jeans have become a huge trend over the past couple of decades, but no one seems to be complaining when high-end brands make those. Honestly, anything can become distressed if it’s worn long enough. Anyone whose thighs rub together knows what I mean.

    But distressed jeans are so popular people are willing to pay $50+ on jeans that already have holes in them — this has been the norm for a while, and they’re probably only acceptable because they come at a price point many people can afford.

    People who can afford to buy these Gucci sneakers or any of the other items on here probably don’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from or when they get paid in relation to when bills are due. They could easily buy things that don’t look like they’ve traveled a million miles. I don’t understand. Does poverty look fun? Would these people like to try homelessness on for a day? I wouldn’t think so.

    Money gives you options, and in this case, looking like you don’t have access to clean clothes is a choice. I’m sure the people who buy these kinds of things would never want to be caught in a situation where their “dirty” look wasn’t optional.

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