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    • Welcome Event Helps ‘Make’ the Most of WE Local Denver

      There’s a lot to look forward to with WE Local Denver’s upcoming conference. But did you know that we have a big celebration planned for you on Friday evening? The Local Host Committee (LHC) will be welcoming you under the theme “Colorado Homemade,” and we are taking the theme literally. Not onl...
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    • 4 Zodiac Signs That Mercury Retrograde In March 2019 Will Affect The Least

      You can prepare for your world to turn a little upside down in the beginning of March. That’s because Mercury goes retrograde on Mar. 5 in the sign of Pisces. You’ve probably heard of Mercury retrograde before, as it’s been linked to all sorts of things going wrong: general bad...
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    • Kingston city staff propose change to curbside recycling program

      WATCH: City staff are recommending upgrades to Kingston’s sorting plant to allow pickup of both blue and grey recycling bins each week. City staff are recommending that the City of Kingston move to a dual-stream curbside recycling model that would see blue and grey boxes collected at the sa...
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    • Open Architecture designs Chapel of Sound concert hall like a boulder

      Open Architecture is building a concert hall in a valley north of Beijing, designed to look “as if a strange and prehistoric boulder had fallen there long ago”. The Beijing-based studio looked to ancient rock formations and shells when designing the irregular form of the Chapel of Sou...
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    • Drug packaging design share

      Drug packaging design share

      Drug packaging design is different from general product packaging design, because drugs are a special consumer goods. Purchasing and using drugs is not a common consumption process. It involves people’s health and life safety. Therefore, in drug packaging design, we should strictly follow t...
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    • Packaging Design of Food Series with Full Individuality

      Packaging Design of Food Series with Full Individuality

      This is a cafe located in the centre of Tallinn, Estonia. It produces a variety of food series, including assorted cereals, biscuits and so on. Its packaging design is very distinctive. It adopts conceptual design in the form of a house. Its inspiration comes from a wooden house, which is integra...
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    • Analysis of the market situation of paper packaging industry

      Analysis of the market situation of paper packaging industry

      China’s packaging industry has experienced a high-speed development stage, and has now established a considerable scale of production, which has become an important part of China’s manufacturing field. At present, China’s packaging industry has formed an independent, complete an...
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    • Gift box packaging

      Gift box packaging

      Packaging is a means of promotion given by the times, an important medium to promote sales, a good guarantee can bring a good publicity effect for the merchants, better play to brand benefits, so that merchants continue to benefit. Conversely, it may make products unsalable, affecting the develop...
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    • Why do we need surface treatment after the package is printed?

      Why do we need surface treatment after the package is printed?

             After printing, most of the packages will be covered with light glue, sub glue, varnish and so on. Super glue and dummy gum are also called film covering and dummy membrane. Optical film and dummy film are plastic films. Here is the reason why the carton surface is printed and processed. 1...
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    • Washi tape Introduction

      Washi tape Introduction

      Washi tape compared with paper tape, the surface is changed to paper. Usually, the viscosity is not strong, so the advantage is that there will be no residual glue after ripping. Nowadays, paper tape is widely used in pasting paper, beautifying, arranging and so on. Color: yellow, red, black, whi...
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    • Production process of gift boxes

      Production process of gift boxes

              The most exquisite small hard case boxes are usually called boutique boxes. This product has strong hardness, fashionable appearance and various styles, and is widely used in gift packaging, such as high-grade tobacco and wine, mobile phones, MP3, etc. The production process and equipment...
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    • Factory brought New pre press CTP equipment

      Factory brought New pre press CTP equipment

      CTP plate making is a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary product. It is a high-tech technology integrating optical technology, electronic technology, color digital image technology, computer software and hardware, precision instruments and plate technology, automation technology, network techno...
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