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  • Father’s Day Gifts for the Pop Who Runs on Dad Jokes

    Father’s Day is perilously close, and yet procrastinators of the world are still feverishly searching for last-minute Father’s Day gifts. Preferably, ones that don’t scream I totally bought this ’cause it was available for Prime shipping. (At least, that’s what I’m currently doing.) For those of us with dads or partners in our lives who are known for their sense of humor, there’s the added pressure of getting him a gift that’ll have him cracking up the second he tears open the wrapping paper. But isn’t that always the big challenge? After all, he’s the guy who always keeps us laughing (corny dad jokes and all). We can’t exactly giving him another boring old tie. Though man oh man, would that be a whole lot easier …

    But come on — we’re more creative than that! So back away from the grill spatulas and put down the garden hoses. This year, we’re gonna get Dad a gift befitting for the guy whose superior humor keeps us all on our toes. (OK, even if it is mildly irritating at times.) Because showing Dad we care means getting him a gift he’s not expecting. A gift he’ll never forget — and actually use, once he’s done belly laughing. If a little help is needed in that department though, not to worry. We’ve rounded up some hilarious, creative, definitely-haven’t-seen-this-before kinda gifts that’ll have the dad in your life rolling on the floor. Or at the least, crack a smile. (Hey, whatever you can get!)

    Psst: If purchasing an item on this list, CafeMom may receive a small cut. Each item and price is up to date at the time of publication; however, an item may be sold out or the price may be different at a later date.

    Most dads have a pretty extensive collection of mugs — that’s on purpose, or due to the fact that every year, no one has any idea what to get him. But I’m willing to bet he could always use one that makes him chuckle every time he pours his morning cup of Joe.

    Sure, Dad always prefers his own brand of (kinda terrible) dad jokes. But this book will help him brush up if he’s rusty, or teach him some new ones if he’s in the market. Either way, it’ll get him laughing from Page No. 1.

    Aaaand for the dad who always has a dad joke of his own up his sleeve, this shirt will prepare others for the inevitable.

    If there’s one thing that unites dads everywhere, it’s that they love a good nap. Especially random ones, that seem to come at inopportune moments while in a seated position. This hilarious “NapSack” might be right up his alley for the next time he says, “Just gonna rest my eyes for a quick second … ”

    I know, I know — not another pair of socks! But I promise, this one’s worth it. For the dad who also happens to be a beer aficionado, these socks are hilarious and practical. (The best kind of gift!)

    Speaking of beer-loving dads … this hilarious fanny pack is part gag gift, part must-have travel accessory. (Seriously, fanny packs are making a comeback!)

    This hilarious mask may be a little 2016, but hey, it’s every bit as enjoyable as when it first hit the market. And it’s perfect for the Star Wars-loving dad.

    This one’s for the dad who’s known for his deadpan humor — and also for saying “No” to pretty much anything. (If he’s a dad of teens, this probably works even better, since it’ll get a lot of use.)

    Ahem, speaking about dads of teens … This handy money clip is for those who hate carrying around a chunky wallet in their back pocket (and also feels like he’s shelling out his life savings to his teen daughter on a daily basis).

    Give Dad a cheese pizza, a brewskie, and a TV he can watch the latest game on and … well, he’ll be pretty much set. This hilarious set of pizza socks (which come four to a set) while help him stay cozy while he lounges.

    Believe it or not, this isn’t just a gag gift — it actually works! Thanks to Bluetooth, this hilarious banana phone can pair with his iPhone to let Dad talk for up to 10 hours before it needs to be charged again.

    OK, so this one may not be the most useful of gifts; but it sure is hilarious. For the dad who may not exactly be known for his athletic prowess (aside from his TV-remote skills), this is bound to make him laugh.

    For beer-loving dads everywhere, this handy shower accessory is kind of a gag gift, but also kinda convenient when you think about it. Not to mention, it’s hilarious!

    Let’s face it: Dads love a good poop joke. But they might just be surprised by how much they love a good poop fact, too. This entertaining guide will provide dad with some interesting (and hilarious) background into everything there is to know about No. 2.

    It’s no secret dads love bacon. OK, make that everyone loves bacon. But has there ever been anything more dad-like than these bacon-flavored toothpicks? Honestly, I can’t think of one.

    For most of us ’80s and ’90s kids, Bob Ross is an icon. This collectible figurine will get Dad laughing — and thinking about “happy little trees” every time he spots it on his desk.

    (Apologies for all the potty humor, but let’s be real — this is a round-up for dads!) Help the Big Guy work on his aim while working on his … well, you know.

    What Game of Thrones-loving guy wouldn’t want his own personal Iron Throne? (Come on, this is hilarious.)

    OK, so this one isn’t exactly from the kids, but it’s an ideal gift for any husband who loves firing up that grill. He’ll secretly love donning this one all summer long.

    This hand-poured soy candle smells delightful when lit. But let’s be honest: It’ll also make everyone who passes it laugh — especially Dad. (For obvious reasons.)

    Is Dad constantly asking for back scratches? This rake (which is literally designed like a mini yard rake) will definitely come in handy when he’s feeling especially itchy.

    One thing’s for sure: He’ll never forget who gave him this T-shirt whenever he wears it. (And neither will the rest of the neighborhood.)

    This saying may have been around for a while, but I think we can all agree that it is never not funny. (I’m sure Dad will, too.)

    Ever been in need a clean pair of underwear, but have been far from home and crunched for time? Honestly, me neither — but I’m willing to bet Dad has. Or at the least, he’ll appreciate the humor in this “instant” pair of underwear, which comes in a tiny tin case and only requires some added water to make it grow. As the product’s slogan goes, “it’s better to have damp underpants than no underpants at all!”

    If the Iron Throne decal wasn’t enough, this Game of Thrones-inspired doormat — perfect for placing at the entrance to Dad’s garage or man cave — will do the trick.

    And just in case there hasn’t been enough potty humor already … what about this toilet-shaped mug for his morning cup of Joe? Coffee never tasted so good!

    Trick Dad into thinking he’s getting yet another tie, and then watch as his face lights up when he sees mini beef jerky treats inside. CLASSIC.

    Working on his golf game has never been more fun. Each one in this set of emoji-themed golf balls features a different emoji face Dad has definitely used in his texts.

    LOL. If the only bicep curls Dad gets in these days is lifting the TV remote to turn on Netflix, this tank might just be perfect.

    His inner kid will get a kick out of this Aquaman-themed soap, which will make him feel like he “rules the tub” every time he hops in the shower. (Bonus: It also comes in a Batman and Superman theme, too!)

    Dads sure love a good pun (no matter how corny you think they are). This one presents the ultimate play on words — a “mixtape” dispenser that dispenses … well, tape!

    Dad will appreciate a convenient place to store all his loose change — and get a serious kick out of this plumber’s butt-inspired “fanny” bank that makes a farting noise when you put coins in it. (Who wouldn’t?!)

    Is Dad constantly cracking down on how much toilet paper the kids run through? Join the club! This funny tape measure-themed roll might just make everyone laugh.



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