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  • Why do we need surface treatment after the package is printed?

           After printing, most of the packages will be covered with light glue, sub glue, varnish and so on. Super glue and dummy gum are also called film covering and dummy membrane. Optical film and dummy film are plastic films. Here is the reason why the carton surface is printed and processed.

    1  protect the color of carton surface. Color image is the most direct message from the gift box. If it is decolorized, faded and faded, it is easy to leave the impression of poor quality and cheap. After gluing and oiling, the color of the carton surface can be protected. After gluing, the printed matter will not fade easily under ultraviolet light.

     2 waterproof effect. When cartons are stored in a warehouse, they are easily mouldy and rotten when they encounter water. After the photoresist and varnish, it is equivalent to forming a protective film on the surface of the carton, which can isolate the water vapor outside and protect the packaging box.

    3 increase the texture of the package. After gluing, the surface of the carton is smoother and more comfortable. Especially after the dumb glue, to the carton surface added a layer of fog, matte grinding, more high-grade.

    Post time: Sep-28-2018
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