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  • Washi tape Introduction

    Washi tape compared with paper tape, the surface is changed to paper. Usually, the viscosity is not strong, so the advantage is that there will be no residual glue after ripping. Nowadays, paper tape is widely used in pasting paper, beautifying, arranging and so on.

    Color: yellow, red, black, white, blue.
    Temperature tolerance: 110 degrees

    Characteristics: it can withstand and banana water, two a stupid, Tian take the role of water and so on! Prevent degumming, decolorization and so on.
    Usage: Adopt and paper as the base material, soft paper, suitable for sports equipment, rubber, plastic parts and construction sites, indoor and outdoor decoration, decoration spraying, painting masking use. Medium viscosity, for most of the smooth surface, bending or corner has a good adhesion and shelter, good workability, quickly tear off after use, leaving no residue.

    Good initial adhesion, and good adhesion, easy to adhere to all kinds of surfaces, low labor intensity, can be firmly fixed to the required position of the mask ~cover paper, to avoid sliding, shedding and so on.

    Beautiful paper backing base: uniform thickness and good adhesion. The adhesive tape does not break around the corner.

    Backguess infiltration filling: dense material, good solvent resistance, easy to tear, not easy to break, the use of tape can be removed as a whole.

    Back anti-sticking treatment: small and uniform unwinding force, not excessive unwinding, easy to use in special cutter with cover paper.

    Post time: Sep-17-2018
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