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  • Wallingford blogger’s guide on hosting a second birthday themed party

    For each birthday of my child, I always plan a few months in advance. For Gabriela, in the past year, she has been full of love for everything about Mickey and Disney. The special thing this year is to take my child to Disney, where she can meet Mickey himself. The smile on her face is priceless and will always be etched in my heart.
    I always start my plan from Pinterest and make a board that specifies all the details of the party. I also made a lot of lists: what I bought, what I need to buy, and the items that I already own and will use. I actually owe you a post. When it comes to the actual day of their party, I get up at 6 am to decorate. The reason is that I can never do everything while they are awake. Just when I finished all the final details, the children were eating breakfast, and my results surprised them.
    For the arrangement, I used the trimmer that I already have at home. I made Minnie’s ears with twine and shaped them accordingly. I just glued them in a trimmer with foam inserts. I have a box of artificial flowers and used three in the center of my ear.
    I bought three gold wire hoop wreaths from the Michaels Craft Store, one hoop at the bottom and two hoops at the top, to mimic Minnie’s head and ears. I fixed the hoop with iron wire. Then I glued the eucalyptus and flowers to the hoop with a glue gun. I have a piece of wood cut under the name of Gabriela and use it as a covering for the hoop wreath. This was used as the background for her food and dessert table.
    I cut a watermelon into Minnie’s shape and dug out the center to put fresh fruit. I used the end of the watermelon to make Minnie’s ears.
    For dessert, I have a floral Minnie cake (I made a Minnie ear top hat and “two” with wires). My kids and I also made apples dipped in pink sugar. My friend always makes cookies for children’s birthdays. He makes Mickey Mouse candy cookies. She is very talented and her cookies taste like almonds (my favorite). I also have pink hershey kisses and pink lollipops.
    For real food, my mother, Gabby’s grandma, made turkey and cheese sandwiches, and peanut and butter sandwiches cut into Mickey Mouse shapes. We also prepared homemade spaghetti sauce and ziti and a large deli for adults. I put the potato chips in a pre-packaged brown paper bag and cut them short to make it easier to eat.
    Gabby wore her Minnie Mouse dress on her actual birthday. For her party, I think she wears a floral dress very suitable. When I received this dress, I was very satisfied with the quality of this dress, so I also bought one for her sister. My son really wanted to wear a shirt he wore to Florida, so he wore his customized “I’m here for snacks” T-shirt. I also wore a floral dress and liked the fit. On such a hot summer day, its weight is also very light.
    We never expected it to be so hot today, so I don’t know if the kids will use the Mickey Mouse Club’s bounce house, but they did. We also have a waterslide, and the children just walk back and forth from the bounce to the waterslide. When the bouncing car rolls on our street, the children are always excited. Wait patiently when these guys set it up, and then run as fast as possible to use the bounce house.
    The biggest entertainment is Mickey Mouse himself visiting all the way from Disney. My daughter is so excited. Mickey Mouse comes in and comes out to sing the theme song of Mickey Mouse Club. He gave everyone a hug, took a photo, and set off on the road. Mickey came out in such a heat wave and deserved a special reward. For Mickey Mouse and the props that make my daughter feel so special.
    I couldn’t find the Minnie Mouse pinata suitable for her party decoration, but I did find a custom digital pinata, absolutely perfect from fluffy tissues to gold bows. Gabby is excited to hit piñata because her favorite thing to eat is candy. Gabby, my kids and all their friends have a great time.
    The party was an absolute success. The birthday girl even took a nap after the cake. Although the weather is humid, what saves us is waterslides and tents to keep our family and friends cool.
    Amanda Piscitelli is the mother of three children from Wallingford. She is the business owner and blogger of Livingwithamanda.com, where she talks about motherhood, lifestyle and home decor. Instagram.com/livingwithamanda
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    Post time: Jul-17-2021