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  • U.S. wrapping paper recycling rate will reach 65.7% in 2020

    On May 19, the American Forest and Paper Association (AF&PA) announced that the U.S. tissue paper recycling rate in 2020 will reach 65.7%. It is reported that the U.S. tissue paper has maintained a high recovery rate for ten years. Since 2009, the U.S. paper recycling rate has exceeded 63%, almost twice the rate in 1990.

       In 2020, the consumption of old corrugated boxes (OCC) in American factories reached 22.8 million tons, setting a new record. At the same time, the OCC recovery rate was 88.8%, and the three-year average was 92.4%.

           Heidi Brock, President and CEO of the American Forest and Paper Association, said: “In this year under the background of the new crown epidemic, nearly two-thirds of the paper was recycled and converted into sustainable new wrapping paper products. We. The printing industry’s resilience and commitment are remarkable, and consumer participation in the paper recycling process is also very important, so it has been able to maintain such a high wrapping paper recycling rate.”

      Waste paper recycling can help extend the life of fibers, create new and sustainable paper-based packaging products, and promote the development of a circular economy.

    Brock said: “The U.S. paper industry plays a vital role in the success of customs tissue paper recycling. From 2019 to 2023, we planned and implemented US$4.1 billion in manufacturing infrastructure investment to facilitate investment in our products. By making the best use of recycled fibers in China, our position in the industry remains solid.”

      The American Forest and Paper Association promotes the sustainable development of the American pulp, gift wrapping paper, packaging, tissue paper and wood products manufacturing industry through fact-based public policies and marketing campaigns. The member companies of the American Forest and Paper Association use renewable and recyclable resources to produce products that are indispensable in daily life, and are committed to continuous improvement and better practice through the industry’s sustainable development plan.

      The forest products industry accounts for approximately 4% of the total GDP of the US manufacturing industry, manufactures approximately US$300 billion in products each year, and employs nearly 950,000 employees. The industry’s total annual wages are approximately $55 billion, making it one of the top ten manufacturing employers in 45 states.

    Post time: Jun-11-2021