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  • Unexpected shutdown of two UPM pulp mills, exacerbating pulp supply tensions

    1、Analysis of Import Trend of Waste Paper and Recycled Pulp in 2021
    According to customs statistics, in 2020, a total of 6.89 million tons of domestic waste paper will be imported. In terms of paper types, the imports of yellow cardboard, deinked waste paper, waste newspapers and magazines will be 5.25 million tons, 290 thousand tons, and 1.36 million respectively. Tons, the import volume of yellow paperboard ranks first. From the perspective of importing countries and regions, the United States has consistently ranked first with its high-quality long-fiber advantages, accounting for 57%, Japan’s waste paper imports accounted for 19%, Europe’s waste paper accounted for 7%, and other countries and The total area accounted for 17%
    2、The demand is really cold, the paper market is still going to rise
    At the beginning of this week, in terms of raw materials, some of Guangdong’s waste-to-factory prices (excluding tax) stopped falling slightly; the external quotation of wood pulp remained stable, while the spot price declined; the price of dissolving pulp remained stable. The prices of some corrugated paper and cardboard paper have recovered, and white cards have continued to rise. Throughout the first three weeks of March, the wild increase in raw materials caused a large number of companies to fail to receive orders normally, market demand was suppressed, and a large number of orders were frozen. The popularity of the upstream and the coldness of the middle and downstream have formed a great contrast, and it has also formed a strong impact on the ecological chain of the packaging industry.
    3、Global timber prices have risen by 188%
    According to the US “Fortune” magazine website, the timber shortage caused by the epidemic has not ended. According to data from Random Lengths, a global timber industry research organization, global timber prices have risen by 188% since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. As of the week of March 11 this year, the price of wood per thousand board feet (North American timber measurement unit) was US$1,044 (equivalent to US$442 per cubic meter, or approximately RMB 2,876), a record high.

    Post time: Mar-29-2021