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  • The White Company Christmas decoration trend to transform your tree

    It might seem a bit early to be talking about decorating the Christmas tree. Bonfire night is only just over, and the Christmas tree is still safely stowed in the attic.

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    However, if you’re a Christmas fanatic like us you’re probably already colour coordinating the decorations in your head. Well, this year according to The White Company you can skip the headache over what baubles to pair together as there is a new Christmas decoration trend in town.

    This year, The White Company promises that maximalism is out. The homeware brand promises that we’ll be dressing out trees from top to toe in just one type of bauble in 2019.

    So wave goodbye to the hazy blur of different sized, shaped and textured baubles. This year The White Company says we should be keeping things simple.

    If you choose to give the new paired back look ago the trick is to go big with your chosen decoration. Pick something oversized and rich in texture that will pop on the tree.

    Take a tip from The White Company styling book and deck the tree out with fluffy white directions. Costing £6, they look gorgeous when paired with hundred of twinkly fairy lights. Complete the look with an elegant tree skirt.

    If you’re not convinced by the idea of ditching your myriad of baubles for one type this year. We know it will be tough, especially with the glorious selection of baubles on offer this year – just take a look at our pick of the best baubles this year. Why not trial the paired back look on a smaller tree in a bedroom or snug?

    Whatever look you go for whether it’s paired back or you decide to stick to maximalism, the important thing is to keep your tree coordinated.

    ‘The secret to a successful Christmas tree is to keep it coordinated. Subtle sparkle, or all-white – the choice is yours,’ says The White Company Founder Chrissie Rucker OBE.  ‘Just remember to stick to similar tones and styles for an elegant finish.’

    Post time: Nov-13-2019
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