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  • Paper bag application

    There are many kinds of paper bags produced by gift box packaging manufacturers. With the improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, more brand businesses begin to choose to use environmental protection paper bags, which are characterized by environmental protection, reusable and degradable.

    In daily life, there are two types of environmental protection bags, one is cloth bags, the other is paper bags. Before people generally began to use environmental protection bags, plastic bags were the mainstream of the market, which not only brought convenience to people’s lives, but also brought great harm to the environment and energy waste.

    With the promulgation of the plastic order of 2008, the environmental protection bag has been brought into people’s eyes. Its tough material and exquisite appearance are gradually accepted by the majority of consumers.

    Advantages of environmental protection bag: compared with plastic bag, environmental protection bag is thicker and not easy to be damaged. Plastic bags are consumables, especially the kind of white ultra-thin plastic vest bags used in supermarkets. They will be abandoned after being used once, which causes a great waste of resources. The environmental protection bag is easy to degrade, can be reused and has high recovery rate, so it can completely replace the use of plastic bag. At the same time, different materials of environmental protection bags also have different performance, including air permeability, waterproof, heat preservation, etc.

    Disadvantages of eco bags: although they are good, they are not suitable for all occasions. For example, in the meat and vegetable market, the direct use of environmental protection bags is easy to pollute the bags. Although some bags can be washed, they need to spend a lot of effort, which is not worth the loss. If we reuse the bags, we also need to consider hygiene issues. Bacteria are everywhere, long-term use of environmental protection bags is easier to hide dirt, if not cleaned in time, will breed a large number of bacteria, not conducive to health.

    Post time: Aug-04-2020