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  • OnePlus CEO shows off the OnePlus TV, OnePlus 7T packaging box in official live image teasers

    It’s only a matter of two days before we get to see what OnePlus has in store for us for the second half of 2019. Although we know that OnePlus will be unveiling its first-ever smart TV as well as the updated OnePlus 7T on September 26, there are many important things that are yet to be revealed, most importantly the prices. Both OnePlus and its fans seem unable to hold the excitement and in the process, the former has revealed another set of information that could pamper the latter for now.

    The OnePlus TV is a completely new direction for the Chinese smartphone maker and so far, it has only shown glimpses of parts of the TV. However, the OnePlus CEO Pete Lau in his latest tweet ah shared an image where the OnePlus TV is shown in its entirety. Yes, this time, you get to see the whole OnePlus TV from an angle and keen eyes will be able to see a lot of what OnePlsu will be unveiling in two days.

    Pete Lau told India Today Tech in an interview that the OnePlus TV will focus on great design with thin bezels. And in the image, it is evident the top three sides feature extremely slim bezels whereas the bottom bezel is slightly thick, which is possibly due to house the drivers and the various sensors as well as speakers. The TV’s chrome-clad stand is invisible as well. The remote controller is also seen lying in front of the TV but it is difficult to make out the individual buttons.

    While the OnePlus TV has been shown in its entirety, OnePlus had done the same for the OnePlus 7T last week when official renders for the phone were published on social media. We know what the OnePlus 7T will look like and it already looks grand. However, with every OnePlus phone, the overall experience starts right from the moment you take the phone out of the box. And hence, the OnePlus CEO couldn’t hold anymore to share the image of the retail box for the OnePlus 7T.

    There’s nothing unique with the retail box for the OnePlus 7T but for OnePlus fans, there are elements that could make the unboxing a special moment. The box is taller than before and OnePlus has gone for a bolder colour combination of black text upon red background with no unnecessary graphics. OnePlus has also printed the statement for the phone this time on top of the box instead of printing on a paper ring. Whether you are a OnePlus fan or now, the box does look attractive.

    But does the red box hint at a special red coloured variant? Does it hint at a special edition variant of the OnePlus 7T? Do we get to see a new theme on the OnePlus 7T series? We can’t say anything for now but if you care about the unboxing part, the packaging or the box could make for an exciting unboxing experience.

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    Post time: Sep-28-2019
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