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  • Kraft paper shopping bag application scenarios

    When it comes to handbags, a well-known product, when shopping in stores such as clothing, shoes and bags, a beautiful handbag will be provided for customers to carry goods. Of course, handbags are not limited to these industries. According to different handbags, there are different uses, such as the kraft paper handbags to be discussed today.
              Now a days, the domestic economy is taking off, and at the same time, the phenomenon of economic damage to the environment is not uncommon. Environmental protection has become a hot topic of concern in the domestic society. A few years ago, plastic bags were flying everywhere in supermarkets. Plastic itself is a material that pollutes the environment and is destined to be replaced by paper tote bags. At present, the base paper of paper handbags is usually coated paper, whiteboard paper, and kraft paper. The former two account for a large proportion, but kraft paper, as the latter, has its own unique advantages and is environmentally friendly.
            Under the decision of the general environment, kraft paper tote bags will inevitably be popular in the paper bag market. Environmental protection is an inescapable theme in today’s society. As an environmentally friendly paper, kraft paper is destined to be widely used in various industries. Many takeaway bags are made of food-grade kraft paper, and the outer packaging of gift boxes, envelopes, file bags, shoe boxes and other products are gradually using more environmentally friendly kraft paper.
          There are many varieties of kraft paper, and different kraft papers have different usage scenarios, including industrial paper, food paper, medical paper and so on. Therefore, when purchasing kraft paper, you need to choose the appropriate kraft paper for production according to your product attributes. If you have any incomprehensible questions during the purchase process, please feel free to call, and Jiali Kraft Paper will give you a satisfactory answer.

    Post time: Jul-09-2022