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  • Factory brought New pre press CTP equipment

    CTP plate making is a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary product. It is a high-tech technology integrating optical technology, electronic technology, color digital image technology, computer software and hardware, precision instruments and plate technology, automation technology, network technology and other new technologies.
    The benefits of CTP Publishing:

    From computer directly to printing plate, namely “offline direct plate making”. Originally developed from photographic direct plate making, all the computer-controlled laser scanning imaging, and then through the development, fixing and other processes plate printing. This technique eliminates film as an intermediate medium, directly converts text and image into numbers, and reduces the quality loss and material consumption of the intermediate process.

    CTP plates can be classified into four types according to plate-making imaging principle: photosensitive CTP plates, thermal sensitive CTP plates, purple laser CTP plates and other CTP plates. The sensitized CTP plate includes silver salt diffusion plate, high sensitivity resin plate and silver salt / PS composite plate, and the sensitized CTP plate includes thermal crosslinking plate, thermal ablation plate and heat transfer plate.

    Post time: Aug-17-2018
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