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  • digital printing press trends

          At present, great changes are taking place in the field of commercial printing. Long printing sheet is becoming more and more unprofitable in the market environment of low price and overcapacity. On the other hand, printing customers need digital printing to bring more benefits than before. In this era of rapid development, the printing market needs short single, fast printing and on-demand printing. The demand for high-quality and short-term printing is recovering. B2 format digital printing machine is gradually favored by people.

    Advantages of digital printing press

         First of all, the format is equivalent to the size of the traditional offset press. Data collected from * printing enterprises in the United States show that almost all commercial printing workpieces can be realized through B2 format, which means that B2 format digital printing machine can actually cover the scope of commercial printing and has more diversified functions. Moreover, the B2 format digital printing machine can easily switch under multiple live parts. Printing enterprises can transfer the movable parts of traditional B2 and B1 format offset press to B2 format digital printing machine for production, thus greatly improving the production efficiency.

    Post time: Aug-04-2020
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