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  • Green Express leads the “packaging revolution”

    The recycling and utilization of express garbage and the promotion of Green Express are all complex systems engineering, which need the coordinated efforts of all sectors of society. In fact, some express companies have already taken the lead. Last year, the “double eleventh” year, major well-known e-commerce companies have shown their magic power, launched a shared express box, circular express bags, or launched express carton recycling services. A total of 13 cities in the country have been sharing the express boxes, and a total of 200 thousand have been launched by 2018. Shared express boxes can save about 1 trees of 10 years of age for more than 2000 cycles per cycle. Practice shows that, in addition to curbing over-packaging and saving resources such as trees, the implementation of shared express boxes accelerates the development of green logistics and promotes urban and rural environmental protection.

    Especially, the replacement of corrugated cardboard boxes with green express boxes will bring fundamental changes to environmental protection, and the packaging waste will be sharply reduced. At the same time, the Green Express Packaging Box will continue to upgrade. In addition to the standard model and the foldable model, the new material is used, and the recyclable transfer bags (boxes) which are lighter, environmentally friendly and wrestle-resistant are also being piloted. In addition, there are also “green warehouses” launched by e-commerce. These green warehouses use use use express boxes without tape and 100% degradable express bags. In particular, a pilot project will be carried out in six enterprises to replace disposable plastic woven bags with recyclable transfer bags (boxes). Less tape will be used for packaging, less ink for printing, recyclable boxes, and more new energy vehicles will be used for transportation. A series of attempts to accelerate the green process of express delivery.

    Therefore, we should promote green express and lead the “packaging revolution”. In the long run, green, environmental protection and intelligence are the general trend. With the rapid development of express delivery delivery industry, more requirements are being faced in environmental protection and corporate social responsibility. At the same time, the rising price of base paper and the pressure of public opinion force the express delivery enterprises to adopt a more green and recyclable logistics mode, and eventually form a win-win situation. Therefore, the relevant enterprises and service industries, no matter how many difficulties they are facing in this “packaging revolution”, should not forget to adhere to the original intention of saving resources and protecting the environment.

    Post time: Jul-19-2018
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