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    • The shopping bag cycle: reformulating and redesigning for the next packaging revolution

      The shopping bag cycle: reformulating and redesigning for the next packaging revolution

        The plastic shopping bag appears to be part of a cycle. Before the 1800s, shopping bags did not exist; shoppers used baskets or had the merchant deliver to their homes, just as online shopping delivery does so today. Paper bags came in when they became easy and cost-effective to mass produce, o...
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    • Kraft paper shopping bag application scenarios

      Kraft paper shopping bag application scenarios

      When it comes to handbags, a well-known product, when shopping in stores such as clothing, shoes and bags, a beautiful handbag will be provided for customers to carry goods. Of course, handbags are not limited to these industries. According to different handbags, there are different uses, such as...
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    • New Jersey’s plastic bag ban begins today.Tips to know before going to the store.

      Always returning empty reusable bags to your cart is one of the secrets to tackling New Jersey’s May 4th bag ban. As of Wednesday, May 4, single-use plastic bags will be banned at checkout counters in all stores, as will paper bags in large grocery stores.The bill to ban bags and other sing...
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    • What is the difference between M.F. and M.G. tissue paper?

      MACHINE FINISHED (M.F.) M.F. stands for Machine Finished. When the tissue is being manufactured it goes through a series of dryers. The dryers are run at the same speed and create tissue that has the same texture on each side. The tissue will be soft to the touch. We offer this tissue in White, K...
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    • Coles offers shopping bags made from marine litter and recycled plastic

      Australian supermarket chain Coles has launched shopping bags with 80% recycled plastic and 20% ocean waste plastic. Marine waste for retailers’ marine reusable shopping bags is recovered from Malaysia’s marine waterways and inland areas. The bags are in line with Coles’ ‘...
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    • Packaging design of kraft cartons

      Kraft paper is a common material in packaging design. It is often used in the outer packaging of coffee, tea, handbag and so on. The quantitative range is from 80g / m2 to 120g / m2. There are differences between roll paper and fla...
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    • Woman separates people after showing how to properly close Christmas gift bag

      Ksenia Senn revealed her quick technique of hiding gifts in gift bags without tape or paper towels, which caused a disagreement among the audience-although some people were surprised by this technique, others simply did not have time Wrapping a gift is certainly not the simplest task—from wrappin...
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    • Wallingford blogger’s guide on hosting a second birthday themed party

      For each birthday of my child, I always plan a few months in advance. For Gabriela, in the past year, she has been full of love for everything about Mickey and Disney. The special thing this year is to take my child to Disney, where she can meet Mickey himself. The smile on her face is priceless ...
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    • Selfless Hyram skin care product reviews and photos

      As the editor of POPSUGAR, we independently select and write things that we like and think you will also like. POPSUGAR has affiliate and advertising partnerships, so we get income from sharing this content and your purchases. Last month, Hyram Yarbro, a self-taught skincare expert and influencer...
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    • 9 best holiday wrapping papers — where to buy gift wrapping paper online

      We may earn commissions through the links on this page, but we only recommend products that we support. Why trust us? Regardless of this year’s holiday — social distancing, Zoom, outdoors or with some close friends and family — this season’s pandemic has not changed one thing: the spi...
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    • Skip the department store and get personalization with DIY holiday cards

      Wreaths emerged from the dusty attic boxes, the salvation army’s bells stood near their collection buckets, and the department store was filled with holiday cards and matching envelopes. “A lot of people say’well, I can’t draw a straight line,’” she said. “Wel...
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    • This pet care company did what Steve Jobs did for a mobile phone. Now, its mission is to become the Apple of its industry.

      Throughout the pandemic, people spend more time at home than ever before—and more time to spend time with their pets. Whether they raise dogs, cats or reptiles, owners will quickly discover the advantages and disadvantages of the new environment, including more good time with their beloved animal...
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